The Deciding Factor


How Factoring Helps Businesses Fund Growth Without Debt!

This book defines factoring – the way it works, how smart businesses use it, and which businesses fit well. Real examples are provided based on Robinn’s 17 years of experience with her clients and their success with factoring.  Factoring fee cost justification and benefit analysis included, showing how almost everyone that obtains working capital with factoring makes more money for the business! A business owner will understand whether they need a factor, and what they need to know to choose the right factor for their business.

When you started your business, you didn’t expect to be the banker for your customers too, right?  By waiting for your money, that is essentially what you are doing every day as a business owner;  giving little loans to each of your customers.

Consider a Factor as a  finance partner and they can be the finance specialist; you be the business specialist you always wanted to be and concentrate on growing the business and making money.

Factoring is a financial tool that helps enable businesses to be in a position to achieve their dreams!


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