Holiday Spirit 2015 – Helping Hands from Bishop Eustace, CFA and TMA

Toys for Tots is a special organization.  I chose to rally a sponsorship toy drive as president for the Philadelphia Commercial Finance Association this year because those thatIMG_1177 receive the toys are forever grateful.  I know personally… I was seven when some “not so nice boss” fired my mother three weeks before Christmas.  I won’t ever forget wrapping pennies either that year for the tree;  asking my mom if four rolls of pennies was enough for a tree!  I learned the hard way that Santa wasn’t going to make it to our house that year. Through the grace and good will of neighbors, we had presents, but they were used toys, given to us like a fall clean out in a big black trash bag.  Today we have Toys for Tots!

I am telling my story because these Marines I am standing with asked me why I chose Toys for Tots as my charity to sponsor during the Philadelphia CFA Holiday event.  I wantoys for tots marinested everyone to know it was personal. And personally, I thank each and every one of you that participated in your way, and in any future way, to assist any child from having to unwrap their present from a gift bag like me that year.  I appreciate this organization and these gentlemen and our holiday giving spirit.  Thank you all.

Merry Christmas.