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How to Decide on a Factoring Company?

The internet is full of companies promising the lowest  factoring fee….may 5 2015 049
BUT, did you ever shop for a pair of shoes based on price?
If you were to call or email five websites all selling shoes and ask them if they have brown or black shoes in a size 11.
Of course they do, but will you buy the lowest priced shoe?  I doubt it, because purchasing a shoe is about the FIT and FEEL  and COMFORT and QUALITY as well as the COST.
This purchase as well is not simply the cost of the money. 
  • You are buying  a Valuable business Service, the relationship with your business and your customers, your most valuable asset.
  • You are buying Trust and Dependability, knowing  the factor will have the money available to you when you need it.
  • You are buying Reputation and Accountability of the factor. This is your new outsourced receivables department.
  • You are buying Freedom, unlimited growth, the potential to reach your dreams, and a partner that Believes in YOU.


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