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Holiday Spirit 2015 – Helping Hands from Bishop Eustace, CFA and TMA

Toys for Tots is a special organization.  I chose to rally a sponsorship toy drive as president for the Philadelphia Commercial Finance Association this year because those that receive the toys are forever grateful.  I know personally… I was seven when some “not so nice boss” fired my mother three weeks before Christmas.  I won’t ever forget wrapping pennies… Read more »

EXIM Bank Exits Banking

The negative impact with the closing of the U.S. Export-Import (EXIM) Bank is being felt by small, medium and large businesses and the people they employ. Small businesses are being hit the hardest.   U.S. jobs will be sent overseas, sales lost to foreign competition, downsizing, and others will be forced to close their doors…all these… Read more »

My Mother’s Wisdom

My mother always told me the way to keep  friends is to never borrow from or lend money to your friends.  There are bankers and expert lenders for lending money; let them do their job.  “Your job is to be a friend, sing and laugh with them.” she would end with.  It was really good… Read more »

Banks See the Benefits of Factoring

For years I have had to explain to bankers why Factoring was not a last resort option for a business owner, and that sometimes it was the first choice even with the price tag it carried. The basic premise of factoring – cash for invoices now, has a huge advantage for a business owner.  If… Read more »

TOP TEN Reasons Businesses Factor

WHY DO BUSINESSES FACTOR? CPAs have been scratching their head at this one for some time, because it is “darn expensive” compared to a line of credit.  Well, let me tell you it is so EASY. I have been asking my customers this question for years, “If your receivables turned into cash tomorrow, what would… Read more »

CFA Hosts Educational Event in Philadelphia

March 24th, 2015, the Philadelphia Commercial Finance Association Presented an Educational Round Table Event: Regulatory Changes and Their Impact on 2015 Lending Markets and Beyond. The well received program was hosted at the offices of Stradley Ronon, Philadelphia PA. Pictured  are the following participants: Darryl Duriger, Wells Fargo Bank – Speaker Derek Taylor, PNC Capital… Read more »

CFA Philadelphia Hosts Educational Event at Stradley Ronon Law Office

On March 24th, The CFA Philadelphia hosted a much needed discussion on the recent regulatory changes and the impact of those changes in the banking market and today’s lending environment.  It was a well received panel discussion in an open format hosted at the downtown Philadelphia offices of the lead sponsor Stradley Ronon. march 24 regulatory… Read more »

AJ and Anita Hall Need Our Help

AJ is an amazing boy and very special.  He is well liked by everybody.  He was a happy and healthy and active normal twelve year old child, that loved to make people laugh!  He liked to listen to music, play sports, hang with friends and his ten year old sister Abby and of course play… Read more »