AJ and Anita Hall Need Our Help

322AJ is an amazing boy and very special.  He is well liked by everybody.  He was a happy and healthy and active normal twelve year old child, that loved to make people laugh!  He liked to listen to music, play sports, hang with friends and his ten year old sister Abby and of course play video games.

In May of 2014 he started having severe headaches and was extremely tired all the time. He spent most of his summer in bed.  Over that time he became overly sensitive to noise and light.  He could not even take a shower because it was too loud for him.  After relentless testing, he was diagnosed with a Giant Brain Aneurysm; which is extremely rare, especially for someone his age.

His mother Anita was determined to find an answer, and he was referred to Albany Medical Center, and Dr. Dalfino.  On September 5th, AJ was hospitalized for two weeks, and underwent a 9 hour brain surgery, and suffered a stroke to the left side of his body.  He is in rehabilitation and is close to full use of the left side, but will be undergoing many more procedures regarding the brain, to mitigate the aneurysm.  AJ was put on anti-seizure and stroke medicine as well as blood thinners and will possibly be on these medicines for the rest of his life. He attends school now through a robot, using an iPad to direct the robot through the classrooms and lectures.  He can visually see the school but is not capable of physically being in the classroom, and is exhausted quickly.

In approximately three months, AJ will need another surgery which will have some risks involved as well.  AJ will be monitored for the rest of his life with potentially even more brain surgery later down the road. He is a very strong little man, and although seems deflated at the moment with his joy of life, we all anticipate someday seeing AJ’s eyes light up like they once did.  He is a wonderful person and deserves the chance to live through and beyond his teen years!

His mother is a single mom, doing all of this on her own.  She was attending college so she could make a better life for her children, but had to drop out to care for her son when this happened, and there is very little money coming their way.   Any amount you can offer would be appreciated.


Link to AJ’s Childhood Brain Aneurysm Fund