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Robinn Mikalic, ABL expert and author of ‘The Deciding Factor’ and ‘Brokering Factoring Deals’, joins Flexible Funding as a Senior Business Development Officer. Mikalic has extensive nationwide experience in finance and business development, taking on this new role after 14 years as a Business Development Manager  with Palos Verdes, California-based J.D. Factors.

“Flexible Funding is a tremendous opportunity for both myself and my prospective clients to develop creative cash flow solutions for upwardly mobile staffing companies.  The sophistication of the temporary staffing business is forever expanding, and Flexible is growing with them, providing payroll and payroll products that allow a business to be successful in our economy.  It has been my goal to expand into asset-based lending and reach larger markets.  Lending is changing; growing with a more educated and demanding business owner, we need to be flexible and offer what they are looking for.  I am very grateful for the future forecast that lie ahead, for my new family at Flexible Funding and for my personal growth as an ABL lender.”

From the office:

Flexible Funding’s hiring of Mikalic, who operates from the Philadelphia-New York City region, continues a period of sustained growth for the company. Though Flexible has operated throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 25 years, having a permanent presence in the Northeast is a new milestone. Mikalic’s new role also reflects an industry-wide progression from traditional factoring to ABL structures. Companies searching for payroll funding are often drawn to the comprehensive sets of services, including back office support, that ABL lenders may provide.